Our sustainability agenda is built on 4 focus areas 

Innovation and partnership

Orexo's development is based on innovations made possible by the interaction between skilled researchers and experts with different scientific backgrounds. Innovation is at the core of the continued development of new formulation technologies and early development projects in order to be able to offer patients all over the world even better medicines.

Our ambition
  • The ambition to become a leading player within The large and growing space of mental illness and substance use disorder
Important issues
  • Prevent and treat substance use disorders and mental illness through new innovations and partnerships

People and society

Our staff are of the greatest importance to us. When our employees stay healthy, commitment and the right conditions are created for creativity and innovation. Our workplace must be both safe and healthy, so that every employee feels respected and is valued. We also believe that a diverse workplace creates greater opportunities for new perspectives and new ideas.

Our ambition
  • To offer a safe and healthy workplace where everyone feels valued and respected
  • To offer safe and high-quality products that reach more patients
Important issues
  • An equal and non-discriminatory workplace
  • Good health and well-being for out employees and a safe workplace
  • Increased access to safe products of high quality

Sustainable supply chain

A large part of the company's activities is outsourced to several suppliers and partners. We are dependent on subcontractors and partners for both the manufacturing of products and the supply of raw materials. Working towards a sustainable supply chain means that purchasing decisions and relationships that are created must take place in accordance with the company's principles and values from business ethics, work environment, human rights and the environmental impact.

Our ambition
  • Ensure good management of social, ethical and environmental impacts throughout the supply chain 
Important issues
  • Continuous evaluation and follow-up of social, ethical and environmental impacts in the supply chain

Environment and climate change

A sustainable future requires a joint responsibility for the environment. All human activity depends on ecosystems and their services, such as access to clean air, clean water, and natural resources. To contribute to a more sustainable world, Orexo works with activities to improve the company's environmental impact and to improve resource use.

Our ambition
  • To operate resource-efficiently and to reduce the environmental impact of all activities
Important issues
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce the amounts of waste

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