Our sustainability strategy is built on 4 focus areas 

Responsible business

Operating in the pharmaceutical industry and marketing a controlled substance carry great responsibilities and Orexo has no tolerance for non-compliance. Unethical business behaviors can result in drugs being over-prescribed, misuse of products, and unscrupulous marketing. Orexo strives to do the right thing and to be transparent at every level of the value chain. Performance is not only about results, but also how they’re achieved.

Access to healthcare

The opioid epidemic in the US is one of the country’s largest health crises. Covid, along with stigma and treatment boundaries, have escalated the situation to where it is today. Orexo is committed to making a difference for all these people and during the year major steps were taken, paving the way for more patients receiving care and lifesaving medication.

Sustainable employees

Orexo’s people are the company’s strength. At Orexo one another’s contributions are highly valued as it is understood that joint efforts are the key to the company’s success. Orexo’s workplaces must be safe and healthy environments, where every employee feels respected and has the same opportunities. The company believes in an open-minded culture that sparks creativity and new ideas.

Environment and climate change

Climate change represents one of the biggest challenges to natural ecosystems and human societies, making sustainability an immediate and collective responsibility. Orexo is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact by curbing resource consumption and striving to minimize the carbon footprint that comes from the company’s operations and products.

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