Our sustainability strategy is built on 4 focus areas 

Responsible business

Operating in the pharmaceutical industry and marketing a controlled substance carry great responsibilities. Unethical business behaviors can result in drugs being over-prescribed, diversion and misuse of products, and unethical marketing. At Orexo, responsible business practices are always a top priority, and there is no tolerance for non-compliance.

Access to healthcare

Access to good healthcare is essential to improve treatment outcomes for patients and is fundamental to an equitable society. Orexo is determined to contribute to UN sustainable development goal 3, and more specifically 3.5 – to strengthen the prevention and treatment of substance abuse.

Sustainable employees

Orexo’s people are our strength. At Orexo one another’s contributions are highly valued as it is understood that joint efforts are the key to the company’s success. Orexo’s workplaces must be safe and healthy environments where every employee feels respected and has the same opportunities. The company believes in an open-minded culture that sparks creativity and new ideas.

Environment and climate change

Climate change is the single biggest threat facing ecosystems and humanity. A sustainable future requires joint responsibility for the environment. All human activity depends on environmental ecosystems, including access to clean air, clean water, and natural resources. Orexo’s ambition is to reduce resource use and to minimize the company’s contribution to climate change from activities and products.

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