Our sustainability agenda is built on 4 focus areas 

Innovation and partnership

Orexo’s sustainable development is based on innovations made possible by the interaction between skilled researchers and experts with different scientific backgrounds. Innovation is at the core of the continued development of new formulation technologies and early development projects, enabling us to offer better medicines to patients globally. We recognize the importance of access to good healthcare and we are working closely with a number of partners to enable our drugs and digital therapies to reach more patients.

Our ambition is to become a leading player within the large and growing space of mental illness and substance use disorders and to improve access to treatment.

Important questions

  • New innovations to prevent and treat substance use disorders and mental illness.

  • Establishing partnerships to develop and increase access to treatment.

  • Continuing collaborations with universities to strengthen pharmaceutical development.

Highlights 2021

  • Pivotal trials for OX124 completed with positive results – a drug that will help reversing overdoses caused by synthetic opioids.

  • New drug delivery platform amorphOX™ giving new possi­bilities for new drug development.

  • Completion of EU ZUBSOLV® supply chain and approval for launch in H1 2022.

Sustainable people 

Our people are our strength. We value one another’s contributions and understand that our joint efforts are the key to our success. Our work- places must be safe and healthy environments where every employee feels respected and has the same opportunities. We believe in an open-minded culture that sparks creativity and new ideas.

Our ambition is to offer a safe and healthy workplace where everyone feels valued and respected.

Important questions     

  • Good health and well­being for our employees and a safe working environment.
  • An equal and non-­discriminatory work culture.

Highlights 2021

  • High scores in employee satisfac­ tion regardless of the pandemic.
  • Cooperation with IMR in Sweden and a wellness program in the US to promote work out.
  • No major incidents or accidents.
  • No unreasonable pay differences in salary survey. 
  • Development of a more flexible working solutions for a better work-­life-­balance.

Sustainable supply chain

As we have a largely outsourced supply chain, we rely on these partners to produce, pack and supply our products to the market. We have great confidence in our suppliers, but we are still accountable for understanding the impact of our supply chain and to ensure it is sustainable.

Our ambition is to ensure good management of social, ethical, and environmental impacts throughout the supply chain.

Important questions

  • Sustainable procurement to ensure decisions and relationships reflect com­pany values.
  • Responsibility throughout our supply chain to ensure sustainability in all produc­tion steps.

Highlights 2021

  • Further development of the Code of Conduct for Suppliers.
  • Improvement of the responsible sourcing program with clear and improved requirements for suppliers.
  • All important Tier A & Tier B suppliers evaluated. In 2021, Orexo began the process of re­evaluating suppliers.

Environment and climate change

A sustainable future requires joint responsibility for the environment. All human activity depends on ecosystems and their services, such as access to clean air, clean water, and natural resources. Climate change affects both the ecosystems and people’s health. Action is urgently needed! To contribute to a more sustainable world, Orexo conducts activities that reduce our impact on climate change and improve our resource efficiencies.

Our ambition is to operate efficiently and to reduce the climate and the environmental impact of all activities.

Important questions  

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Improve our resource usage and reduce amounts of waste.

Highlights 2021 

  • Improved corporation for energy efficiency, with “green agreements” and ENERGY STAR certificate, with our property owners.
  • Improved use of digital working methods and increased awareness of travel habits to maintain new ways of working and reduce flight travel.
  • Improved efficiency of waste sorting and campaigns with less printed material.

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