Orexo improves the lives of people

People staying healthy, being able to work and take care of their loved ones is Orexo’s ultimate goal and our biggest contribution as a company to a sustainable society. On the way to achieving this, Orexo will carry out its work in a way that as far as possible minimizes our environmental impact. Through a clear sustainability agenda that permeates the entire business, we will contribute to a more sustainable world.

Sustainability has been important for Orexo for many years and a responsible business is central to all our activities and a foundation for our sustainability work. Orexo’s sustainability work is managed by the Sustainability group and the team includes representation from the management team and other relevant functions creating the ability to influence the company’s strategies and policies. The sustainability goals are achieved by integrating our ambitions and sustainability values in our policies and procedures and by communica­tion with our employees and business partners.

In 2020, Orexo refined its sustainability agenda by defin­ing four focus areas. These were updated in 2021: a) Inno­vation and partnership, b) Sustainable people, c) Sustainable supply chain, and d) Environment and climate change. In 2021, we initiated a process to evaluate, analyze and fur­ther develop the agenda. It started with an analysis of the present situation to identify important sustainability topics. This was followed by a stakeholder analysis and stakeholder dialogue. In 2022, the stakeholder dialogue will be followed by a materiality analysis. The process ensures that Orexo identifies material topics, involvement of the whole organi­zation and eventually a more powerful sustainability agenda.

Orexo’s sustainability agenda is based on four overall focus areas:

3 brief Qs

To get a swift understanding about Orexo´s latest progress within sustainability and the vision for the future we talked to Cecilia Coupland, Vice President and Head of Operations, management representative in Orexo Sustainability Team. Find out more here:

Mental illness and substance use disorders are growing issues that have increased substan­ tially during the pandemic. I am proud of the progress we made during 2021 in our research projects and in our collaborations with part­ ners. These developments are creating oppor­ tunities to both bring new, improved products to the market and enabling our existing prod­ ucts to reach more people who are struggling.

The many challenges addressed by the Sus­ tainable Development Goals continues and our participation in the UN Global Compact program SDG Ambition Accelerator has given us valuable insights into where our biggest impacts are. We have also taken further strides in our understanding of our current situation and what is important for us, by performing an internal and external stakeholder analysis. This will serve as great base for our future sustainability efforts.

Our main priority is to finalize our materiality analysis and use this as a basis for setting a sustainability plan for coming years. The plan will include the whole of Orexo, both the Swedish R&D operations and our sales organi­ zation in the US. Furthermore, we will acceler­ ate our efforts in understanding the sustain­ ability impact of our external suppliers, which are a crucial part of our value chain.

My vision is that in five years we will have a full understanding of our sustainability impact through our operations and value chain and that we will have executed our sustainability plan. Also, that we will be recognized as a responsible company that goes beyond our legal obligations for sustainability.