Orexo improves the lives of people

At the core of a sustainable society are health and well-being, the areas where Orexo makes its biggest impact. During 2022, important steps were taken to further strengthen the company´s social and environmental responsibility, which is crucial for long-term success and the opportunity to contribute to a sustainable society.


Orexo’s sustainability strategy is based on four overall focus areas:

"Sustainability has never been more important than today. I am proud of the progress we have made during 2022.

The finalization of our materiality analysis has enabled us to set a strategy for the entire business. We have also carried out a mapping of climate impact from own operations. This is the first step to report in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Furthermore, efforts in understanding the impact of our suppliers, will help us extend the scope in 2023.

My future vision is that we in the coming years will have a full understanding of our sustainability impact through our operations and value chain and are on plan with our sustainability KPI:s.

Also, that we continue to be recognized as a responsible company that goes beyond our legal obligations for sustainability.”

Cecilia Coupland
Senior Vice President and Head of Operations, management representative in Orexo’s Sustainability Committee.