Orexo is founded with a vision to develop improved pharmaceuticals, fulfilling unmet patient needs. This is done by optimization of the properties of well-documented substances in combination with Orexo’s innovative drug delivery technologies. This approach is associated with less risk, shorter time to market and less investments required, compared to development of new chemical entities (NCE).


The company’s first product, Diabact® UBT – a breath test for diagnosing the stomach ulcer bacterium, Helicobacter pylori – was registered in 2000. In 2015 Orexo subisidiary Kibion was divested. Diabact is a product that belongs to Kibion.


New owners contribute with financing and the company's activity increases. Several development projects are started and a new management is set up to lead the organization into the next phase.


Orexo is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm stock exchange in anticipation of the launch of Abstral® and Edluar® in the US and Europe by partners. Both products are based on Orexo’s proprietary sublingual tablet formulation.


Orexo acquires the biotech company Biolipox with the ambition of broadening the business model to also include development of traditional NCEs. In 2016 AstraZeneca acquires the lead project from Biolipox, OX-CLI. Today OX-CLI is in late pre-clinical stage.


Orexo issues new shares and Novo A/S enter Orexo as the largest shareholder. With the investment from Novo A/S the Board of Directors reviews the strategy and creates a vision of establishing a commercial business based on Orexo’s proprietary products.


Orexo establishes a commercial subsidiary in the US and launches Zubsolv® in September 2013. The launch is just ten weeks after FDA approval, in parallel with the establishment of Orexo’s US business


After three years in the US Orexo sells Zubsolv for more than SEK 480 million and more than SEK 1 billion gross in total, thereby reaching the first full year in history with profitability and with a positive profit. The US subsidiary contributes with positive profit and cash flow.