Orexo presents sales potential of the pharmaceutical pipeline and digital therapies during the Capital Markets Day

Uppsala, Sweden – March 17, 2020. Orexo AB (publ.), today hosts a Capital Market Day in Stockholm, Sweden. On the day the company will present an overview of the company’s growth strategy, pharmaceutical pipeline and digital therapies.

In the presentation of the pharmaceutical pipeline the company will present the market dynamics, the competitive landscape and the sales potential in the US of each of the three main pipeline projects:

  • OX124, a powerful rescue medication, designed to reverse opioid overdoses, including those from synthetic opioids like fentanyl. OX124 is estimated to have a sales potential of USD 70 million – USD 110 million.
  • OX125, a rescue medication designed to reverse opioid overdose, OX125 has exceptionally long duration for special situations, incl. supply in rural areas, overdose with long acting opioids and as stock-pile for narco-terrorism. OX125 is estimated to have a sales potential of USD 40 million – USD 60 million.
  • OX338, a non-opioid pain killer with opioid-level efficacy for short-term pain (up to 5 days), but without the risk of addiction. OX338 is estimated to have a sales potential exceeding USD 100 million.

During the presentation of the digital therapies the company explains the future role of digital therapies in healthcare and how the two digital therapies from Orexo have a potential to significantly treatment outcome for patients suffering from alcohol misuse and an opioid use disorder in the US. Orexo will also comment on the commercialization strategy, pricing, competitive landscape and the sales potential of vorvida® and OXD01.

  • vorvida®, a fully automated digital therapy scientifically proven to reduce trouble-some drinking patterns in adults suffering from alcohol misuse. vorvida® is estimated to have a sales potential of USD 120 million – USD 200 million.
  • To prescribe Zubsolv® and other MAT authorities require patients have access to counselling and psychosocial support for treatment of opioid use disorder. OXD01 will enable prescribers an ability to offer this digitally 24/7. OXD01 is estimated to have a sales potential of  150 million – USD 225 million.

Orexo also commented on the impact on the company from COVID-19 across development, supply, sales and financials. The company sees limited impact on the company, if the restrictions due to COVID-19 are reduced during the spring. However, the company is working tightly with partners in all aspects of the operations, which can cause unexpected delays in e.g. development programs.  

To increase access to our Capital Markets Day, we will also host a telephone conference from 1:30 pm CET, allowing those attending via phone or online to also participate in the Q&A. To participate please see below:

Telephone: SE: +46 8 505 583 65, UK: +44 33 330 09 264, US: +1 646 722 49 56

Internet: https://tv.streamfabriken.com/orexo-cmd-2020

For further information, please contact

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Lena Wange, IR and Communications Manager

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About Orexo

Orexo develops improved pharmaceuticals and digital therapies addressing unmet needs mainly within the growing space of addiction. The products are commercialized by Orexo in the US or via partners worldwide. The main market today is the American market for buprenorphine/naloxone products, where Orexo commercializes its lead product Zubsolv® for treatment of opioid use disorder. Total net sales for 2019 amounted to SEK 845 million and the number of employees was 128. Orexo is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap (ORX) and is available as ADRs on OTCQX (ORXOY) in the US. The company is headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden, where research and development activities are performed.

For more information about Orexo please visit, www.orexo.com. You can also follow Orexo on Twitter, @orexoabpubl, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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