Orexo adds two new projects to its development pipeline - abuse proof opioid and a new quick acting treatment for moderate to severe acute pain

Orexo adds two new projects to its product and technology development portfolio, which will significantly enhance its presence within the therapeutic area of pain management.

The first program is the development of a new, oral drug delivery technology using bioceramics developed by Orexo´s collaboration partner Doxa AB. This delivery technology will provide a controlled release of the active substance and also has the potential to lessen the risk of abuse of the pain medication. This technology offers unique advantages and will provide for a new innovative platform for opioids, among others. Studies performed by Orexo, indicate that this new drug delivery-technology might offer considerable potential in this area of unmet need. The first product to enter development using this technology is OX30, a controlled release formulation of an opioid for the treatment of moderate to severe chronic pain.

The second development project will be the formulation of OX23 a highly potent substance for the treatment of moderate to severe acute pain. OX23 will be based on Orexo´s sublingual tablet technology, combining fast-dissolving properties with rapid onset of action and predictable effect.

Zsolt Lavotha, President and CEO of Orexo commented. “In the immediate term Orexo is focusing its development portfolio around pain medications. As the next step in this strategy we are adding these two new development projects for the treatment of pain. Our ambition is that this new technology based on bioceramics, developed in collaboration with Doxa, will prevent abuse of opioids used for pain management. The medical advantages of the combination of controlled release and lessened risk of abuse will, as we judge it, make a wider medical use of these potent and effective drugs for treatment of pain possible. The commercial potential will also be considerable, as today, there are no abuse proof opioid drugs registered as pharmaceuticals.”

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