Orexo strengthens its clinical and regulatory team with the appointment of three senior executives

FOR MEDIA INFORMATION Simon Vane Percy / Sarah Roberts Vane Percy & Roberts (T) 01737 821891 / 892 (F) 01737 821899 (e) simon@vanepercy.com / sarah@vanepercy.com Orexo (OMX Midcap:ORX.) has strengthened its clinical and regulatory team with the appointment of three senior executives - Mats Eriksson PhD, VP Research and Clinical Development and Medical Director for Orexo, Christina Ståhl MSc. Pharm, Vice President Regulatory Affairs, and Anne Marie Ciupitu MSc, PhD, Director QA/QC.

Zsolt Lavotha, President and CEO of Orexo AB said, “We are delighted to have been able to attract such experienced people to Orexo. As we are increasing the number of new products in development it is imperative that we ensure that we have the ability to plan the best clinical development and regulatory strategy to be able to bring products to market as quickly as possible.”

Mats Eriksson PhD, who is an associate professor of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care at Uppsala University Hospital, has previously worked for Sanofi Synthelabo, Novo Nordisk and, was prior to joining Orexo, Medical Manager of Wyeth Sweden.

Christina Ståhl MSc. Pharm, who is a registered pharmacist, has been working in clinical development and regulatory affairs for the last twenty years with Kabi Vitrum, Pharmacia, Astra Zeneca and was, prior to joining Orexo, Regulatory Affairs Manager/QP for Roche Sweden.

Anne Marie Ciupitu MSc, PhD, has been working as a QA specialist for the last six years with Wyeth Biotech in Sweden. Before joining Orexo she had been appointed Quality Assurance Manager for the company.

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Zsolt Lavotha, President & CEO
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Claes Wenthzel, Executive Vice President & CFO
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Email: claes.wenthzel@orexo.se