Interim Report, January–June 2006

KEY EVENTS DURING THE PERIOD: IMPROVED FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE AND STRONG FINANCIAL POSITION -Net sales amounted to MSEK 55.4 (2.9) -The loss after tax was MSEK 9.3 (loss: 35.2) -Earnings per share mounted to a loss of SEK 0.70 (loss: 3.81) -At the end of the period the funds amounted to MSEK 330.2 compared to MSEK 53.5 the corresponding period previous year CONTINUED POSITIVE DEVELOPMENT OF OREXO´S PRODUCT PORTFOLIO -Orexo AB´s subsidiary Kibion AB acquired Noster System AB -Orexo presented positive study result for Sublinox™ (OX 22) at the Conference of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies – study results show that Sublinox™ (OX 22) reduce the time to sleep onset by 30 percent compared to a conventional oral zolpidem tablet -Unique clinical profile for Orexo´s product OX 17 in the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) confirmed - study results shows that OX 17 combines rapid onset of effect with maintained efficacy during the treatment period SECOND QUARTER OF 2006 -Net sales amounted to MSEK 5.1 (1.7) -The loss after tax was MSEK 24.6 (loss: 16.4) -Earnings per share mounted to a loss of SEK 1.85 (loss: 1.77) For report in full format, see enclosed pdf. For more information, please contact: Zsolt Lavotha, CEO, Tel: +46 (0)18-780 88 12, e-mail: Claes Wenthzel, Executive Vice President and CFO, Tel: +46 (0)18-780 88 44, e-mail: