Orexo AB IPO - Notice of Over-Allotment Option Exercise

Not for release, publication or distribution in, or into, the United States, Canada, Australia or Japan. Exercise of 75,000 shares of the over-allotment option The Company has been informed that ABG Sundal Collier and Carnegie Investment Bank today have exercised 75,000 shares of the over-allotment option of 555,000 shares retained from the Founders in relation to the Orexo IPO, bringing the final offer size to 3,775,000 shares. For additional information, please contact: Claes Wenthzel, Executive Vice President and CFO, Orexo AB +46-18-780 88 44, e-mail: claes.wenthzel@orexo.se This announcement is not an offer for sale of securities in the United States. Securities may not be sold in the United States absent registration or an exemption from registration under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended. Neither ABG Sundal Collier, Carnegie Investment Bank nor Orexo intend to register any portion of the offering in the United States or to conduct a public offering of securities in the United States. Copies of this announcement are not being made and may not be distributed or sent into the United States, Australia, Canada or Japan. It may be unlawful to distribute this announcement in certain other jurisdictions. The information in this announcement does not constitute an offer of securities for sale in Canada, Japan or Australia.