Orexo sells its peptide technology

Orexo AB has sold the rights for its cell-penetrating peptide technology, CPP – purchase price 9,5 MSEK.

“Orexo’s strategy is to regularly evaluate and analyze both its products and technologies,” says Zsolt Lavotha, President and CEO of Orexo AB. “Today, we have a portfolio of several product candidates at different stages of development, all of which are based on our internally developed and patented technology platforms. Our business model is based on short development times and low development risk. Our assessment is that, while promising, Orexo’s cell-penetrating peptide technology (CPP) is in an early research phase. Accordingly, the sale of this technology is a natural step for Orexo at this time,” concludes Zsolt Lavotha. Purchase price was 9,5 MSEK. The joint purchasers are professor Ülo Langel and Dr. Mattias Hällbrink through company. For further information, please contact: Zsolt Lavotha, President & CEO, Orexo AB +46 (0)18 780 88 00. E-mail: zsolt.lavotha@orexo.se Johan Tamsen, Corporate Communications +46 (0)733 25 40 10, E-mail: johan.tamsen@orexo.se