Orexo Pharmaceuticals patent for rapid delivery issued in the EU

Orexo Pharmaceuticals patent for rapid delivery issued in the EU Orexo Pharmaceuticals today announced that a European Patent has been granted for one of their technology platforms, the sublingual tablet technology. Several of the company's product projects are based on this technology. The technology enables rapid absorption of pharmaceutical compounds and can in certain cases substitute for injections. Orexo Pharmaceuticals product development strategy requires a strong and active patent strategy. Innovative drug delivery based on well-known pharmacological substances enables the company to bring patented, innovative products to market much faster compared to traditional drug development. One of the company's most advanced projects, now in preparation for phase III studies, will benefit greatly from this approval. The product Rapinyl?, developed for rapid relief of cancer breakthrough pain, is based on the technology for fast dissolving sublingual tablets. The Japanese marketing rights for Rapinyl? were licensed to Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co. Ltd in January 2003 and negotiations for the marketing rights in the EU and US are ongoing. The formulation technology behind the approved patent is well suited for pharmaceuticals where fast action of onset is needed. This can be exemplified by the company´s second product based on the technology, a tablet for treatment of insomnia, where the clinical trial programme starts during spring 2004. The patent for the sublingual tablet technology is already approved in several other markets among those Japan, Australia and New Zealand. ___________________________________________________________________ For more information, please contact Thomas Lundqvist, CEO Orexo AB +46 (0)18 780 88 00, +46 (0)70 531 83 41, e-mail: thomas.lundqvist@orexo.se Orexo AB (publ) is a Swedish pharmaceutical company established in 1995 based in Uppsala. Orexo develops, documents and registers patented pharmaceutical products based on innovative and proprietary drug formulations. This is carried out through in-house development, licensing or co-development with partners. www.orexo.se ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker http://www.waymaker.net The following files are available for download: http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2004/03/24/20040622BIT20240/wkr0001.pdf