Investment themes for long-term growth

Addresses large and growing markets

Focusing on becoming a leader in the large and growing space of mental illness and substance use disorders. In parallel, Orexo is addressing the ongoing opioid epidemic, one of the largest health crises to take place in the US, and that is also growing in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pipeline targeting large medical needs

Continue to build on the strong experience of developing products with worldwide approval by expanding the pipeline with multiple short-time to market assets. Orexo´s pharmaceutical candidates are based on innovative and propritary drug delivery technologies with a focus amorphOX™.  

Illustration of an amorphous particle.
Illustration of an amorphous particle.

Commercial presence in the US with comprehensive synergies

Strategic focus on leveraging its commercial excellence and strong market access network in the US, by adding more products to the US commercial platform.

Strong cash generation from US Pharma

Lead product ZUBSOLV®, for the treatment of opioid use disorder and which is a part of the business area US Pharma, is a strong cash contributor, enabling continued investments in on-market products and R&D.

Entered digital therapeutics, a new evidence-based frontier in patient care

Digital therapeutics increase access to treatment and improve treatment outcomes, and is set to become an integral part of the global healthcare landscape. Mental illness and substance use disorders are examples of areas where it is most needed.