Competence development

The employees’ high level of expertise is a crucial success factor for Orexo. 12 percent hold doctorates and 81 percent hold other levels of academic degree. Approximately 21 percent of the employees are active in research and development. All employees have individual development plans and targets.

Company culture and core values

Several common activities were arranged for the employees during the year. Amongst other things, employees attended a  seminar  on  how  opioid dependent patients in Sweden are treated today and how they were treated historically. A workshop was also carried out to stimulate positive thinking and to learn the value of listening to and understanding other people. The aim of the activities is to further strengthen knowledge of Orexo’s core values

  • customer focus
  • engagement
  • flexibility
  • simplicity

Work environment

Orexo’s health and safety program is coordinated by the company’s safety committee and by safety delegates appointed by the staff. Risks in the working environment are regularly evaluated. Any incidents and accidents are followed up and appropriate measures are taken. Occupational health and safety training is conducted throughout the year. 

Employee health

Orexo shall be a healthy and safe workplace. All employees are part of a private healthcare and rehabilitation insurance program. In addition to quick access to care and rehabilitation, the insurance includes preventive care. Orexo also contributes towards fitness activities and preventive ergonomics. In 2016 sick leave increased from 1.9 percent (2015) to 4.0 percent (2016). Despite the increase, the level is consid- ered to be at a normal level, in comparison with other companies.

Meet our employees

Meet our employees

Mikaela Odlander, Director Digital Therapeutics, is working within a our new exiting and promising business within Digital Therapeutics, an area set to become an integral part of the future pharma landscape. We have asked Mikaela five quick questions about her position at Orexo

Innovation is the heart of what we do

Innovation is the heart of what we do

Orexo has created a workspace with an open minded environment, where new product ideas are captured from all across the organization.