deprexis® is a world-leading digital therapy to help patients manage the symptoms of depression. Its effectiveness in managing the symptoms of depression has been evaluated and published in 13 randomized clinical trials (RCTs) including more than 2,500 patients. 

Short facts  
Technology Digital therapeutics
Indication Symptoms of mild to severe depression
Commercial rights Orexo owns the exclusive rights to the US market
Partner in-licensed from GAIA AG 
Launch July 1, 2020

The concept/product

deprexis® is a fully automated digital therapy developed by Orexo´s partner GAIA and is based on its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI)-expert system, broca®. deprexis® is the world’s most researched digital therapy to manage symptoms of mild to severe depression.

Depression is a leading cause of disability around the world and contributes greatly to the global burden of mental health illness. In the US, an estimated number of 17.3 million adults had at least one major depressive episode corresponding to 7.1 percent of all US adults.1

About 20 percent of Americans with an anxiety or mood disorder, such as depression, also have a substance abuse disorder.2 With respect to opioid use disorder, Orexo´s own retrospective data from the REZOLV study (2016), showed over 30 percent of patients were diagnosed with co-existing depressive disorder.

Orexo owns the exclusive commercial rights for deprexis® in the US.

Clinical data

deprexis® is the world’s most researched digital therapy program for depression. Proven effectiveness in 13 RCTs with an NNT of 3.6.

Effective depression treatment:

Nine independent studies conducted with deprexis® have demonstrated its effectiveness as a standalone treatment and have confirmed the increase in benefits when deprexis® is added to existing care plans.

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Effective treatment of comorbid depression:

Depression is especially prevalent in patients with severe medical conditions and disorders. deprexis® has been shown to effectively treat depression as a comorbidity of epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and gambling disorder.

Bücker et al. (2018) Fischer et al. (2015) Schröder et al. (2014)

Proven cost reduction:

A study of 3,805 participants demonstrated using deprexis® significantly reduces the cost of treating depression for health insurers, while simultaneously reducing depressive symptoms and increasing quality of life in patients.

Gräfe et al. (2017)

Scientifically replicated:

Multiple meta-analyses and systematic reviews have confirmed the scientific evidence gathered in 13 RCTs that deprexis® is an effective treatment for depression.

Twomey et al. (2017) Rogers et al. (2017) Karyotaki et al. (2017) Johansson & Andersson (2012) Richards & Richardson (2012) Cuijpers et al. (2011)

[1] National Institute of Mental Health (NIH),

[2] Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA)