Abstral is a rapidly disintegrating sublingual tablet for management of breakthrough cancer pain  in patients already being treated with opioids. The product contains the pain-relieving substance fentanyl. Abstral allows doses to be customized according to individual requirements, which is essential for achieving optimal pain relief.

Short facts  
Technology Sublingual
Indication Breakthrough cancer pain
Commercial rights

US, Sentynl Therapeutics1, ex-US Kyowa Kirin


Sentynl Therapeutics, Kyowa Kirin

Patent protection US and Europe until September 20192, Japan and Australia until 2024

The product was initially approved for sales in Europe in 2008. Approval and launch in other major territories has followed, and Abstral is currently available in key markets such as US, Japan, Australia, South-Korea and the EU. Globally, the market for Abstral has continued to grow rapidly over the years, and in Europe Abstral is the market leader among all fast-acting fentanyl-based products.

1 Sentynl Therapeutics is a fully owned subsidiary of Zydus Cadila
2 Royalty for sales in Europe will be received until December 31, 2019, when the European contract with Kyowa Kirin expires