Next generation technologies

Several important initiatives have been made to ensure that Orexo can develop new improved products through a combination of well-known and well documented substances via innovative in-house drug delivery technologies. The aim is to develop innovative technologies for both oral, sublingual and intranasal drug formulations.

Oral formulation technology

Many active ingredients face major challenges when administered by the oral route. For example, incomplete dissolution in the GI-tract, poor intestinal absorption and extensive metabolism may all limit the bioavailability. Consequently, many drugs are not effective when administered orally.

Orexo is currently developing a new formulation technology that can overcome these issues, thereby enabling oral administration of drugs for which this route is not feasible today. Several active ingredients have been identified as promising candidates for this technology.

Sublingual formulation technology

The sublingual space represents numerous opportunities as well as challenges for the delivery of drugs. Sublingual products need to be well tolerated by patients and properties such as taste and mouth feel are critical for successful treatment. Furthermore, the amount of saliva available under the tongue is limited, which makes significant demands of the formulation in order to act efficiently.

Orexo is recognized as a world leader in the development of efficient sublingual products. ZUBSOLV®, Abstral® and Edluar® all utilize Orexo’s proprietary sublingual formulation platform based on interactive mixture principles, providing rapid onset and efficient absorption of the drug across the sublingual mucosa.

In ZUBSOLV®, this concept has been further refined, resulting in a product with highly efficient absorption across the sublingual mucosa. This enabled the development of a product with significantly improved efficiency compared with those of competitors.

Orexo is currently developing its second-generation sublingual formulation technology. The aim is to perfect the sublingual delivery of drugs, thereby unlocking new active ingredients that are currently not possible to administer sublingually. Several active ingredients have been identified as promising candidates for this technology.

Intranasal formulation technology

The intranasal route of administration is a viable route for many different active pharmaceutical ingredients offering significant advantages compared with other administration routes, even parenteral injections. For example, delivering drugs through the intranasal route avoids first pass metabolism of the active ingredient allowing for rapid and potentially extensive exposure of the drug. Orexo is currently developing a novel and unique intranasal formulation technology that allow for rapid and efficient delivery of various active ingredients. The technology is especially suitable for rescue medications such as naloxone and nalmefene for treatment of opioid overdoses.