OX640 - Emergency treatment of allergic reactions

Short facts  
API Adrenaline
Technology amorphOX™, nasal powder technology
Indication Emergency treatment of allergic reactions
Development phase Expects to perform first explorative human clinical pharmacokinetic study in the second half of 2022.
Expected filing with FDA -
In-house or partnership Currently in-house, partnership will be assessed during the development phase and for commercialization.

Unmet need

Today, allergic rescue products are needle-based auto injectors that administer adrenaline to reverse life-threatening reactions (anaphylaxis). Whether self-administered or with the help of others, applying needle injections correctly is often intimidating, with the potential loss of precious life-saving minutes. Current solutions are costly and devices must be replaced frequently because adrenaline rapidly degrades during storage.

Our aim

With decades of no innovation, products like EpiPen dominates the market. Orexo will strive to bring to market a more fast-acting intranasal product, which is key in life-saving situations. Additionally, the single-dose nasal administration is easy to use and easy to teach others and easy to learn for caregivers.