OX125 - Opioid overdose rescue drug

Short facts  
API Nalmefene
Technology Nasal
Indication Rescue medication opioid overdose
Development phase Finalized phase 1
Expected filing with FDA -
In-house or partnership In-house

Unmet need
Available rescue medications have been developed for heroin overdoses, but most patients are dying from synthetic opioids like fentanyl today.

Our aim
Based on Orexo´s novel intranasal formulation technology, the aim is to develop a powerful rescue medication for situations where very long-lasting effect is required, e.g., in remote areas, as response to long-acting opioids or for anti-terror stockpiling.

Results from the first exploratory human PK-study in healthy volunteers showed extensive and rapid absorption of nalmefene across all three OX125 formulations. As nalmefene has a longer half-life than naloxone, OX125 has the potential to be an effective response to the increased use of potent, long- acting synthetic opioids as well as protecting against renarcotization (second overdose) as the antagonist wears off. Novel, proprietary drug delivery technology with patent protection until 2039.