Abstral® - treatment of breakthrough cancer pain

Abstral® is a rapidly disintegrating sublingual tablet for management of breakthrough cancer pain  in patients already being treated with opioids. The product contains the pain-relieving substance fentanyl. Abstral® allows doses to be customized according to individual requirements, which is essential for achieving optimal pain relief.

Short facts  
Technology Sublingual
Indication Breakthrough cancer pain
Commercial rights Ex-US and EU, Kyowa Kirin
Partner Kyowa Kirin
Patent protection For the US and Europe the patents expired in September 2019. Others markets such as Japan, Australia and South-Korea until 2024.

The product was initially approved for sales in Europe in 2008. Approval and launch in other major territories has followed, and Abstral® is currently available in key markets such as Japan, Australia and South-Korea. Globally, the market for Abstral® has continued to grow rapidly over the years.