Developed pharma products approved on markets worldwide

In our efforts to address unmet needs Orexo develops improved specialty pharma treatments by combining known pharmaceutical substances with its patented proprietary drug delivery technologies. The development process is characterized by lower risk and shorter time to market.

Since its inception, Orexo has developed three pharmaceutical products that are commercialized by Orexo in the US or worldwide through partners. These products have been developed with a focus on innovative solutions to address patient need, mostly within opioid addiction and pain. Today, Orexo is a well-established business with the financial resources and expertise to drive projects from concept to commercialization.


Pipeline of pharmaceuticals and development projects

Approved and/or Launched
ZUBSOLV® Opioid Use Disorder
Abstral® Breakthrough Cancer Pain
Partner: Kyowa Kirin
Edluar® Insomnia
Partner: Mylan
OX124 Naloxone, Opioid Overdose
OX125 Nalmefen, Opioid Overdose
OX338 Ketorolac, Moderate to moderately severe pain
OX-MPI BI1029539, microvascular Disease
Partner: Gesynta Pharma
Approved in Austalia

Promising results for OX338

JANUARY 29, 2020 - The PK study for OX338, evaluating novel formulations of ketorolac for the treatment of pain showed promising results. The formulations demonstrated improved bioavailability and tolerability compared to the commercially available reference product. The next step is to further optimise the formulation to ensure obtaining a unique product profile and strong IP protection.

Next generation technologies

One aim is to develop innovative technologies for both oral, sublingual and intranasal drug formulations. Several important steps have been taken to develop platforms for new products that can benefit patients worldwide.