OX382 – oral formulation of buprenorphine

Orexo is developing a swallowable formulation of buprenorphine (OX382). The aim is to be first-to-market in this new product class and to offer clear benefits over today’s treatment options for certain patient categories and treatment settings.

OX124 - naloxone rescue medication

OX124 is based on a novel and unique technology developed to provide a rapidly acting naloxone rescue medication with a differentiated profile compared to currently marketed products and other products under
development. The project supports Orexo´s ambition to take a broader responsibility within the addiction space.

OX338 - new NSAID formulation

The aim is to develop a new NSAID formulation which could replace opioids for the acute treatment of moderate to severe pain and with a view to removing the risk to develop an addiction. The project supports
Orexo´s ambition to take a broader responsibility within the addiction space.

OX124 and OX338 supports Orexo´s ambition to take a broader responsibility within the addiction space

OX-MPI – inflammation

The lead candidate drug in the OX-MPI program, BI1029539, has been identified as a highly selective anti-inflammatory compound targeting microsomal prostaglandin E synthase (mPGES-1). The project is developed by Orexo´s partner Gesynta Pharma AB which owns the rights to the project.

OX51 – acute pain episodes

OX51 is a new sublingual tablet formulation containing alfentanil. The project has been developed to meet the rapidly growing demand for effective pain relief during short surgical and diagnostic procedures. The project has successfully passed phase II clinical trial and is available for potential partners, but so far the right match has not been identified.

Orexo has decided to minimize internal resources on this project as it falls outside the commercial focus of the company. Consequently, the project has been removed from the pipeline overview.