Sober Grid's community of users gain access to Orexo's digital therapies VORVIDA® and DEPREXIS®

In August 2021, more than 300,000 of Sober Grid's users will gain access to Orexo’s clinically proven digital therapies VORVIDA®, for problematic alcohol use, and DEPREXIS® for depression. The Sober Grid community will be able to take advantage of VORVIDA® and DEPREXIS®, digital therapies that help reduce problematic drinking patterns in adults and manage symptoms of depression, respectively. Orexo’s digital therapies will first be available through Sober Grid’s network of peer coaches in August 2021. Later in the year, VORVIDA® and DEPREXIS® will be available to any user on the app.

About Sober Grid

Sober Grid is a free iOS/Android app that connects you with other people in or seeking recovery from Substance Use Disorders. Members are instantly connected to a global community in their neighbourhoods and around the globe. Members can build strong support networks and inspire others. Sober Grid, Founded by CEO Beau Mann, started because he was looking for a supportive community that could be accessed anytime anywhere. Today it is a platform full of evidence-based tools to help anyone get instant addiction support. Sober Grid now offers affordable 24/7 Certified Peer Coaches to assist individuals in their recovery. Its peer coaches are trained and certified to help you along your recovery journey.

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