With record-high numbers of overdose deaths in the US in 2020, it’s never been more important to shine a light on this growing epidemic. Orexo is supporting International Overdose Day, approaching on August 31, and tackling the crisis from multiple angles. 

  • Orexo´s digital therapeutic modia™ for opioid use disorder (OUD) will soon be in the hands of patients in the US. modia™ is rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy and will be available 24/7. Combining psycho-social support with OUD pharma treatments, such as our leading pharma product, will improve treatment results for all those who are struggling with opioid dependence and at risk to die of an overdose.

  • Orexo are in the final phase of developing a rescue medication for overdoses. This medication is designed to revive people who overdose on potent synthetic opioids, the main cause of the growing number of fatalities.


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