Mikaela Odlander

Mikaela Odlander

Director of Digital Therapeutics

As Director of Digital Therapeutics at Orexo my focus is to help build out the Digital Therapies Business Unit together with my team. This means that I primarily work on the US launch and go-to-market strategies for the DTx portfolio, and business development strategies Ex-US. I hold a BSc in International Business from Gothenburg School of Economics and an MSc in Management from UCL in London.

I enjoy working with digital healthcare and was until late 2019 leading a digital innovation team at GSK in London. Digital therapeutics is the one sector of digital health that is founded in clinical evidence and has created a whole new method of approaching illnesses, often within medical areas that have lacked holistic and satisfactory treatment options until now.

I have followed both Orexo and the opioid crisis in the US for many years and been equally alarmed by the development of the crisis as I have been impressed with the company’s work.

In moving back to Sweden I wanted to retain the sense of working with something innovative and purposeful within digital healthcare. Orexo announcing the creation of a DTx team could not have come at a better time and portrayed a truly exciting opportunity.

Orexo has an incredible leadership team, a can-do spirit and a hunger for innovation that runs through the whole company. This, in my opinion, is something you only get at a company our size. Having worked for big-pharma for many years, joining Orexo was a breath of fresh air. There is a widespread understanding here that we are building something that has the potential of changing the healthcare landscape and how patients with substance abuse are treated and cared for. That is something unique.

DTx is an industry in its infancy. Whilst that brings with it a plethora of opportunities for us, it also means that we have a lot to prove and are working in rather strong headwinds. While digital therapies have been proven clinically, the speed of adoption is still unknown, as for any new therapeutic approach. Optimal pathways for commercialization and scale are still unchartered, many payers still need to establish payment and reimbursement processes for DTx and there are no guidelines for pricing as there is no real precedence. Whilst this is the hardest part of the job, it is also what excites me the most. Orexo has the opportunity to shape the future of DTx and take leadership on a global scale. 

We are thrilled to be launching the full DTx portfolio in 2020. It is a monumental shift from where we were at the beginning of the year and we need to switch gear from high to higher.  We are, however, confident that we as a team are up for the challenge and anxious to see this through to secure a successful launch.

Geri-Lynn Utter

Geri-Lynn Utter

Medical Science Liaison

I work in the Medial Affairs department as a Medical Science Liaison for Orexo Pharmaceuticals. Orexo manufactures ZUBSOLV® for the treatment of opioid dependence. I am responsible for providing education about the disease of addiction as well as in-depth clinical knowledge about ZUBSOLV® to healthcare providers throughout the US. I am also currently working on research and product development for a digital therapeutic, MODIA™, designed to provide evidence-based, therapeutic intervention for individuals who are struggling with opioid use disorder.

Making the transition from clinical practice to working in Medical Affairs at Orexo, has given me the opportunity to continue to work within the therapeutic areas of substance use disorders and mental health, in which I am very passionate. In my work at Orexo, I am closely involved in innovative research and development of therapies, designed to offer individuals access to evidence-based, psychological treatments. My time at Orexo has allowed me to instigate positive change in the treatment of substance use disorders and behavioral health, and for that I am grateful.   

The people, of course! I feel comfortable picking up the phone or shooting an e-mail to my colleagues in Sweden as well as those in the US office to discuss ideas, concerns, brainstorm, and to solicit guidance or advice. And, feeling that level of comfort often lends itself to exploring novel concepts, processes, and future product development.

Trying not to lose my voice! In my role as Medical Science Liaison at Orexo I interact and offer support to many departments such as medical, sales, market access, marketing, digital therapeutics, etc. So, on any given day I may be talking with multiple colleagues across these departments. And, by the end of the day I am all talked out!  I do, however, appreciate the novelty that each day brings; it keeps me on my toes.

This year I am focused on continuing to diligently work on our digital therapeutic products (OXD01, Deprexis® and Vorvida®) by providing clinical guidance and feedback both within and outside of the organization as we continue to prepare to launch these products. This year, from a personal perspective I am going to continue to practice self-care and self-compassion. With the advent of COVID-19, many folks are experiencing the psychological side effects of this existential trauma. Investing in my own mental health, will allow me to continue to meet my personal and professional goals.

Mattias Liljestrand

Mattias Liljestrand

General Manager R&D laboratory

I have a wide-ranging role. As the General Manager for our R&D laboratory, I am responsible for the premises’ environmental monitoring system that controls the climate in the premises. My role also includes ensuring that all equipment in our R&D laboratory is of high quality and carrying out formulation and process development tests for new development projects. I also monitor the premises on a daily basis and purchase material and accessories for the running of the facility and the like.

I like the wide range of my work but also the freedom of being able to control my own time. I appreciate that I am expected to be both careful and innovative at the same time and that every day I face large and small challenges.

The combination of my colleagues, my work and a healthy and pleasant climate. Before I started at Orexo in 2008, I claimed that I enjoyed being with my previous employer, but when I came here the word “enjoy” took on a completely new meaning, in a positive sense.

My wide-ranging role means that I have to be good at prioritizing. But good planning and good collaboration with the R&D team as well as a whiteboard in my office help me to make the right decisions.

The upgrade of certain laboratory premises enables the manufacture of material for clinical trials. We received approval for this in 2019. This means that new requirements on the part of authorities must be met, and this entails a good deal of new administrative work, but it is worth it because the approval will speed up the development of exciting projects.

Lee R. Marks

Lee R. Marks

Senior State Government Executive , US Inc

For the past decade Mr. Marks has worked in the opioid addiction sector employed most recently as the Senior State Government Executive for Orexo and previously with Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals. In these roles, Mr. Marks has provided state Government Account Management in addition to providing governmental affairs services. Previously, Lee was Director for Government Affairs at the New York Health Plan Association (HPA) providing advocacy and lobbying services for this trade association that represented more than 30 health plans in New York.

As a new and positive force in the addiction field, Orexo offered a unique opportunity for me individually to continue to use my skills to further advance the best oral buprenorphine/naloxone product in the market. Being a part of a burgeoning company in the midst of the worst epidemic in a generation presents the types of opportunities and challenges that I relish and continue to seek. Without challenge there is no joy!

I most appreciate the people I work along side with – whether my team members in managed markets or the clinical liaisons in the field or the dedicated employees in the home office – there is so much to learn and so many individuals with incredible talents and passion that provide me regular renewal and a drive to succeed. I also love the small size of the company – What we may lack in resources is more than made up for by the ability to engage directly with anyone in the company – at Orexo you can be heard!

There is so much to do and so little time! This can challenge the work/family dynamic. From a policy standpoint, having an epidemic provides all types of opportunities to increase Orexo’s stature in this disease state. Establishing priorities that present themselves to further the development of ZUBSOLV® is both exciting and challenging.

While every year presents obstacles and opportunities clearly establishing a place for ZUBSOLV® in a heavily genericized market will present new challenges in 2019. I know working with my colleagues we will continue to remain innovative in our approaches in this new marketplace. We welcome the challenge!