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Meet our employees

  • Ylva Almqvist
  • Mattias Liljestrand
  • Julyne Derisse-Simmons
  • Lee R. Marks
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Why have you chosen to work for Orexo?

I have an interest in science and research, and for me it is important to feel that what I do for a living could somehow improve other people’s lives. At Orexo, I work in a scientific environment, where I can be part of Orexo’s ambition to help improve patient treatment.

What is the best thing about working for Orexo?

Orexo is an accommodating employer that keeps me motivated and ensures that I am happy at my workplace. Also, all my very nice colleagues!

What is the hardest part of your job?

To keep myself updated with the continuously changing world around us.

What are your main challenges in the coming year?

Having spent a lot of time in Berlin this past spring, where the family lived temporarily, it will be a challenge to adapt to everyday life in the relatively small town of Uppsala again.


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