If you are applying for a position with Orexo in the USA, please read the following information: 

The Orexo name has been used in a scam perpetrated through CareerBuilder and ZipRecruiter (legitimate job-posting websites).  Someone has established a fake Orexo site and has lured job-seekers on CareerBuilder and ZipRecruiter using the Orexo name and logo and is conducting fake interviews via Skype and issuing job offer letters using fake Orexo letterhead to individuals.  While Orexo does not post jobs directly on these sites, it is common practice for LinkedIn job postings to be picked up and re-posted by these websites. 

In addition to an attempt to obtain financial and social security numbers, we understand that this approach may be an attempt to perpetrate a Fake Check Scam:   

In a fake check scam, victims are asked to deposit a check. Most common fake check scam is the victim applies online and gets hired. They get a check and are told to use the money. Once the malicious actor gets the person’s account details, they use them instantly, leaving the victim without the money when the bank rejects the deposit.

If you feel that you have been a victim of Fraud, we recommend that you file a report with the FBI online through the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) http://www.ic3.gov/

Orexo has reported this scam to CareerBuilder and ZipRecruiter, the police, and to the FBI.  If you have responded to a fake advertisement, please do not continue to correspond with the perpetrator.  Report them to the FBI (http://www.ic3.gov/),  CareerBuilder (https://www.careerbuilder.com/security-and-fraud) or Zip Recruiter (trustandsafety@ziprecruiter.com).  

Please visit the Orexo website (https://orexo.com/about-us/career/#) or LinkedIn (LinkedIn - Orexo US Jobs)  to view our current career opportunities.

For more information, please contact Shel Grossman, Human Resources Consultant, Orexo US, at Shel.Grossman@orexo.com