Environmental work

Within the overall sustainability work, Orexo focuses its environmental work on product development, the supply of goods and the handling of chemicals. We are committed to continuing reduce the environmental impacts of our business and our products by increasing energy efficiency, reducing consumption of materials, improving waste management and by keeping emissions of pharmaceutical substances at low levels. In order to reduce business travel, the company encourages business meetings to be held by telephone or on the web.

In order to ensure that the company follows current environmental laws, regulations, directives and requirements and has satisfactory internal control, operations are con- ducted in line with Orexo’s environmental management system. The system is aligned with ISO 14001, but there are at present no plans to certify the system accordingly. The environmental group, consisting of representatives from different parts of the company, is responsible for monitoring and continually improving Orexo’s environmental work and for employees receiving appropriate environmental training and information.

Orexo´s environmental system is aligned with ISO 14001