Business integrity and anti-corruption

Orexo is committed to compliance with all applicable anti-bribery and corruption laws like the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act. Neither Orexo nor any employee may accept, offer or pay bribes or directly or indirectly accept gifts, hospitality, fringes or compensation in any form from a third party which may be unlawful or which could in any way affect his or her professional judgment in performing any duty  or service for Orexo or a third party. It is not allowed to offer or make payments or anything else of value either as an inducement to get a favorable decision or action in the interest of Orexo or any employee.

It is particularly important to observe the above with respect to national and international government officials, Orexo’s Supplier Code of Conduct serves as a guide in the procurement of goods and services healthcare professionals and organizations, patients, suppliers and charities. Orexo does not allow agents, contractors, advisors or others working for us to engage in conduct that is against our principles.

Society economy

The extensive dependence on opioids in the USA involves a considerable burden for society from an economic point of view. In addition to loss of life and lower quality of life, large costs are associated with lower productivity and a lack of resources, as well as increased costs related to healthcare and prison care. The American National Institute of Drug Abuse estimates that the total cost to society related to dependence on illegal drugs, including opioid dependence, amounts to USD 193 billion per year.1

Orexo’s presence in the market means that, together with several other players, the company contributes to reducing the economic burden that opioid dependence involves for American society. A concrete example is when Zubsolv® was selected in 2016 by the state of Maryland as the only recommended buprenorphine/naloxone drug on their FFS Medicaid list. The introduction of Zubsolv has, amongst other things, reduced the smuggling of similar drugs into prisons, which has had a positive impact on costs for society.