Orexo develops improved pharmaceuticals based on innovative Drug Delivery technologies, combining well-known and well-documented substances with in-house innovative formulation technologies. Our product development model is associated with lower risk, shorter development times and lower investments. The focus is primarily on opioid addiction and pain but it is also our aim to address other therapeutic areas where our competence and technologies can create value.

Orexo is acknowledged as the world leader for sublingual formulation platforms. To date, Orexo has successfully developed four products from idea to patient. All four products utilize our proprietary sublingual formulation technology.







Opioid dependence

Breakthrough cancer pain

Sleeping problems

Diagnosing stomach ulcer bacteria


Several external partners

Commercial rights

Worldwide. Orexo is seeking partners for Zubsolv ex-US.

US/ Worldwide ex US



1 Diabact is a product that belongs to Kibion, a subsidiary that Orexo sold in 2015.