Orexo develops improved pharmaceuticals based on innovative drug delivery technologies. The focus is primarily on opioid dependence and pain but it is also our aim to address other therapeutic areas where our competence and technologies can create value. The main market today is the American market for buprenorphine/naloxone products, where Orexo commercialize the product Zubsolv®. Other products are commercialized through partners, including sale of Zubsolv outside the US.


Development - High Activity in the Pipeline

Orexo develops improved products by combining well-known and well-documented substances with in-house innovative drug delivery technologies. Several important steps have been taken towards future formulation technologies, with the aim of developing innovative technologies for both oral and sublingual formulation of drugs. Orexo’s development is based on innovations that have been made possible by the interaction between skillful researchers and experts from different scientific backgrounds. This innovative climate still characterizes Orexo in its work to develop products and helping patients worldwide through even better drugs.


Key Market - Characterized by Strong Growth

Opioid abuse is today the most common cause of death from drug overdose. The problem is greatest in the US, where just over 60,000 Americans died of an overdose in 2016, mainly caused by use of opioids. Orexo’s key market today is the American market for the treatment of opioid dependence using buprenorphine/naloxone. Orexo operates in the market through the commercialization of Zubsolv, which is an effective drug for people with opioid dependence. Several important federal initiatives have been taken to increase access to treatment, and this creates scope for continued strong growth. The main market has a value of around 2.6 billion dollars, and in 2017 the average annual growth reached 11 percent.

The average annual growth in the American market for buprenorphine/naloxone products reached 11% in 2017


Products - Approved Worldwide

Orexo has developed four products from idea to patient. The products have proved to be of considerable value for patients worldwide and are commercialized through Orexo or carefully selected partners.







 Opioid dependence

Breakthrough cancer pain

Sleeping problems

Diagnosing stomach ulcer bacteria


Several external partners

Commercial rights

US/Worlwide ex US

US/ Worlwide ex US



1 Diabact® is a product that belongs to Kibion, a subsidiary that Orexo sold in 2015